New SSAI Logo


Hello to everyone in our synchronised swimming community.

 Your SSAI Board is busy with a thousand and one objectives, but right now, we are proud to be in a position to support the preparations of our Olympic Team for Rio, our Junior Team for the Oceania Championships in Fiji and the World Juniors in Russia.  One of the objectives of the Board is to continue to review and adjust where necessary the corporate image of the sport – to reflect Synchro Australia domestically and internationally, hence Synchro Australia is proud to announce our new web site and logo.

The Board ran an open competition for a new logo and although many were of high quality, the chosen design reflects ‘synchronicity’ and ‘movement’ as well as ‘water’, both through colour and image. The uniqueness of the design was important and the simplicity of the design allows it to be replicated when need be and remembered. 

In the next few weeks and months you will see this logo appearing on a regular basis.

We live in exciting times. 

This month Synchro Australia will be making a submission to the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport for funding for the period 2017-2020. Part of this proposal is based upon the feedback we received from the recent survey which was sent to all of our Synchro community. Your feedback was critical in allowing us to describe with confidence what we think needs to be done to improve our overall level of performance in terms of athletes, coaches and judges. Thank you for your input.

As most of you know, later this month, we are hosting a FINA Judges’ School at the AIS. We have a healthy turnout with about 12 judges looking to be assessed by Sue Edwards from New Zealand. The Olympic Team will also be in a training camp at the AIS at the same time and hopefully there will be some opportunity for the judges to see our National Team preparing for Rio.

Finally, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank your Board members for their continuing contribution to our sport. This is a team effort and their unsung efforts on behalf of the Synchro community is huge. Thank you Frank, Leisel, Denise and Bill for all of your invaluable work behind the scenes.


Brian Miller

President, Synchro Australia