Jemma Singleton – Assistant Coach 13-15 National Team

Jemma Singleton is a former Australian National team swimmer who currently coaches at Golden Fish Synchro club in Victoria. As a swimmer she has competed at various international competitions including World Championships, the Canadian and Spanish opens and a number of Oceania Championships. Primarily she is involved with the 13-15 age group at Golden Fish synchro club for the past 2 seasons. She is responsible for the development of these athletes and helps prepare them for the competitive atmosphere of national and international competitions.

Aside from synchro Jemma is completing a bachelors degree in Criminology and Psychology and is about to enter her second year. She is excited to be involved in the 13-15 High performance program this year as she will have the ability to contribute her techniques learnt as a swimmer and develop her skills in a high performance coaching role.