New team names for our high-performance teams

Synchro Australia is proud to announce new team names for our high-performance team. 
Thank you to everyone that participated in our online poll. 

The squad formally known as the 13-15 or Omega Squad will now be known as The Joeys.

The squad formally known as the Junior/Senior Team or Alpha Squad will now be called the Oceanias squad.



And that’s a wrap for the 2018 High Performance Program.  Congratulations to all 3 of our National Teams on outstanding performances and results.

Our Junior and 13-15 years National Teams have just returned from their major international events of 2018 – the FINA Junior World Championships and the Mediterranean (COMEN) Cup.
The 2018 FINA Junior World Championships was held in Budapest, Hungary from July 18th-22nd.   39 countries were in attendance and Australia showcased our strongest Junior Team in years, placing 19th in the Free Team event.
Australia also had strong performances and results in the tech and free solo events, and free duet. 
The 2018 Mediterranean (COMEN) Cup was held in Seville, Spain from July 26th– 29th.  29 countries were in attendance, and it was an amazing experience for our athletes to attend such a large event.  Our team had a great swim and placed 19th in the Team event.  Some athletes also received Personal Best (PB) scores in the figure competition.   For many of the team, this was their first ever international competition.
Great job Teams!!
We hope you enjoyed the experience and had a great journey throughout the year.
SSAI is excited to inform the Synchro Australia Community of the confirmation of the introduction of a new event to commence next year – the FINA 13-15years World Championships.   The introduction of this event means Synchro Australia will now strive to compete at World Championships events across all three National Teams!
Next up, we begin our 2019/2020 High Performance Program.
The senior team will kick off in November with a choreography camp, and the Junior and 13-15 years Teams in 2019.  SSAI is excited for the coming years and the continued growth of our High Performance Programs.




Amie Thompson is the new swimmers representative for Synchro Australia

Amie Thompson is the newly elected swimmers representative. Her role is to represent the needs of swimmers across Australia. Swimmers are welcome to reach out if they have any questions by email to 

Amie has been swimming since 2008 and she has competed at every nationals since 2009. She grew up in Sydney, she was chosen for the 2011 World Championships National team as a reserve. She admits being a reserve was tough but it was a great experience. She balanced senior and junior national teams each year until moving to Perth in 2014 to pursue her Olympic dream. She reached this goal in 2016 when she had the privilege of competing in Rio. Amie resides in Perth and continues to train, as well as work 2 coaching jobs. She is a big believer in giving back to the sport and passing on her knowledge to future generations.


Athletes Selected to the 13-15 National Team

SSAI is excited to announce our 13-15 years National Team members for 2018:
Anneke Bak
Zara Boubouras
Bianca Chira
Zoe Hewson
Margo Joseph
Maria Nadezhdina
Lena Pedersen
Milena Waldmann
Charlotte Smith
Thirsa van Amersfoort
Congratulations to all athletes on your selection!
The team along with coaches Briana Preiss and Jemma Singleton
will travel to this year’s Comen Cup in Seville (Spain), to represent Australia. 
Good luck!

EASTERN SIRENS – winners of the Creative Pattern Competition

CONGRATULATION to Eastern Sirens for winning the Creative Pattern Competition. They received amazing 99 votes.

Swimmers are Breanna Wickham, Briana Brown, Jennifer Pak, Adele Wraith, Maria Kulshitskaya, Natasha Ransley-Raven, Charlotte Smith. Well done girls. 

2nd place: Canberra Cascades

3rd place: West Coast Splash 

4th place: Sydney Emeralds

Thank you, everyone, who participated. 



Athletes Selected to the Junior and Senior National Team

GOLD COAST  – Synchronized swimmers from across Australia advanced to the national team trials in January at the Griffith University, Gold Coast.

The athletes were vying to become a member of the Junior and Senior Australian Synchronized Swimming Teams. 

A big thank you to the National Team Selectors – Anna Nepotacheva, Bridget Ammon and Kerrie Hammett, and to SSAI Vice President Marina Kholod for your help over the trial period.

The athletes selected for the 2018 National Teams are: 

Senior National Team
Kiera Gazzard
Alessandra Ho
Marnie Kennedy
Kirsten Kinash
Pam Kurosawa
Erica Li
Jo-Ann Lim
Sue-Ann Lim
Rachel Presser
Cristina Sheehan

Junior National Team

Georgia Courage-Gardiner
Kiera Gazzard
Alessandra Ho
Celeste Johns
Marnie Kennedy
Pam Kurosawa
Erica Li
Rachel Presser
Isabella Zanatta

Bianca Hammett and Nawal Leon Kurson are the National coaches of the Senior and Junior National Teams.

The Senior and Junior National Teams will participate in the Synchro America Open in California this June.  The Junior National Team will also compete at the 2018 FINA Junior World Championships in Budapest. 

Congratulations to all 2018 National Team members. 



26/01/2018 – 28/01/2018

Miwako Homma traveled to Canberra to host an Australian FINA judging school. Miwako is a member of the FINA artistic swimming technical committee and Olympic medalist. Thank you to Miwako and FINA for supporting judge development in Australia and New Zealand. 

This 3-day judging clinic provided Australian and New Zealand judges with detailed information on the new FINA rules and practice in applying them. 

Also, thank you to the AIS Women in Leaders in Sport grant for making this event such a huge success!


January Camp And Trials


Synchro Australia hosted a high-performance camp this January, with 29 talented athletes in attendance. The camp was held for the National 13-15 and Senior/Junior squads.

It was a development and choreography camp for the 13-15 squad.  They worked on skills and drills for the new figures and choreographed their new national team routine.  Their team selections will be held at the 2018 Hancock Prospecting Synchronized Swimming Australia Open and Age Group Championships.  Good luck to all athletes.

For the Junior / Senior team, it was preparation for their team trials – focusing on both routines and element execution. Congratulations to the 2018 National Team members!