Amie Thompson is the new swimmers representative for Synchro Australia

Amie Thompson is the newly elected swimmers representative. Her role is to represent the needs of swimmers across Australia. Swimmers are welcome to reach out if they have any questions by email to 

Amie has been swimming since 2008 and she has competed at every nationals since 2009. She grew up in Sydney, she was chosen for the 2011 World Championships National team as a reserve. She admits being a reserve was tough but it was a great experience. She balanced senior and junior national teams each year until moving to Perth in 2014 to pursue her Olympic dream. She reached this goal in 2016 when she had the privilege of competing in Rio. Amie resides in Perth and continues to train, as well as work 2 coaching jobs. She is a big believer in giving back to the sport and passing on her knowledge to future generations.